FirefoxOS icons and Ionicframework

    I came around a few difficulties when adding icons to a FirefoxOS app made with Ionicframework, so here is a few hints :

    • first : guidelines, written nicely by Mozillians :
    • you will have to drop the icons (at least a 60x60 one for the launcher and a 128x128 one) in a www/resources/firefoxos/icon folder
    • forget about using ionic resources icon -i it won't work here. This command crop, resize, do anything needed on graphic assets. I think a nice addition to Ionicframework might be doing the same thing but for FirefoxOS. Anyway you can support my feature request here :
    • add several lines like to your web/config.xml (add one line per icon) :

    <platform name="firefoxos">
        <icon src="/resources/firefoxos/icon/icon-16.png" width="16" height="16"/>

    •  use ionic build firefoxos and the build process will produce a nice manifest.webapp file for you in platforms/firefoxos/www/

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    Avoid flickering view title with Ionicframework and Android

    For several days I was facing a strange behavior when navigating in my app, especially on Android devices and simulator (I think transitions are different with iOS).

    Basically I have a header with always the same string in it (app title) and a subheader with a set of 3 tabs. When I was navigating from one tab to another it was like the app was reloading the view title : the feeling was really sluggish...

    On each tabs I had a :

    <ion-view view-title="Title">
      <ion-nav-buttons side="right">
        <button menu-toggle="right" class="button button-icon icon white-icon ion-android-more-vertical" ng-click="openPopover($event)">

    To get rid of this flickering/reloading behavior, I deleted those lines in each tabs.

    Then in the index.html, inside the ion-nav-bar directive I added :

          <ion-nav-buttons side="right">
            <button menu-toggle="right" class="button button-icon icon white-icon ion-android-more-vertical" ng-click="openPopover($event)">

    Don't forget to add some controllers to deal with events such as the ng-click here.

    No more flickering.


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    How to install ionicframework on osX

    Even if installing ionicframework should be mostly straightforward, sometimes it is not and there is mandatory steps to follow :

    You should now be able to serve, emulate and run Ionic apps.

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    Confirmation popup with Ionic

    Sometimes you have to display a confrmation message to your users right after an action, such as saving, deleting, sending something or maybe something was wrong. I needed to implement this behaviour on a Ionic-based app I am working on.

    So I wrote this service :

    You can simply use it anywhere in your code (don't forget to dependency-inject the "common" service in your controllers/services) with something like :

    common.backDrop('Saved !');

    Here is a codepen :

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