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A .gitignore for your Ionic project

As I am starting to have a good set of Ionic snippets (need to publish some on www.ionic-fr.org #teasing) I'm starting to look for the perfect .gitignore to remove useless files (think of the big and small files generated during compilation times but also of plugins that needs to be added regarding your platform). So I came across a few posts on stackoverflow or on github and here is my set up.

Basic .gitignore in the root directory :


Maybe add those is a good idea to add those generic exclusion in the rootdir .gitignore :

.tmp/ .DS_Store

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Build iOS hybrid apps with OSX in Virtualbox

Yes, that sounds strange and pretty useless since that I've just tried this on my Mac which is running OSX, anyway it can give ideas if you only have a Windows or a Linux box.

I've downloaded prebuild OSX Vagrant boxes here : https://github.com/AndrewDryga/vagrant-box-osx

Then vagrant up and vagrant halt

Start virtualbox

Install nodejs (npm included)

Do sudo xcodebuild -license accept

Do sudo npm install -g ionic cordova ios-deploy ios-sim


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Ionic ressources - always updated

...will update this with new links...

Can't work without :

Top examples, good practices

References :

AngularJS specific :

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