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C720p trackpad on linuxmint

Installing linuxmint on C720p is pretty straightforward (except probably the little trick to make saebios and linux boot default).

Making the trackpad working is a little bit tricky mostly because installing procedures found around the web do not focus on linuxmint.

So here is a step by step procedure I followed.

download the Chrubuntu trackpad build script

wget https://googledrive.com/host/0B0YvUuHHn3MndlNDbXhPRlB2eFE/cros-haswell-modules.sh

make it executable with

chmod 755


apt-get update then apt-get upgrade

install the following dependencies :

apt-get install build-dep linux-sources dpkg-source dpkg-dev

then try to launch


reboot, it should work

Tags: chromebook, linux

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