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    In September 2015, I made a Ionic Framework presentation at a laTechamienoise event. I think it is time to explain here how the app is working :

    At first we need data : the tweets are extracted from laTechamienoise timeline. To grab such data I had to set up a twitter proxy php script and a Twitter app. Since I don't want my Twitter API credentials to be bundled in my app, I add to fill them in my script and to deny browsing (via .htaccess). The script is outputing data in JSON; this feed is parsed by my application and rendered via a classic collection-repeat directive in my Ionic app.

    The agenda feed is less complex but also less satisfying... I'm scrapping data via an API collecting data from laTechamienoise agenda page... Why ? Because the RSS on the agenda page is filled with current month events only. You can browse to next/previous months only by clicking icons with javascript enabled...nice... This part still needs work, since latest agenda updates are not in sync... :-( I need time to have a look, both to the API and my bash script.

    These scripts store content on a specific http adress, which respond to my app request. The tweets page is refreshed via a ionicloading directive (really nice).

    App settings are persistent while the app is installed, thanks to localstorage.

    I can track the app usage via an embedded google analytics tracking code (Google Play only tracks install/uninstall/updates/OS versions....) on each page.

    Here is the components used in this app :

    • cordova 6.0
    • ionicframework 1.2.4
    • angularjs 1.4.3
    • x2js 1.2.0
    • ngCordova (for localstorage)

     The code for this app is on my Github repo, here :

    What will be improved : agenda feed

    What could be improved : app size, I can reduce it by hand but a nice gulp.js would be more efficient

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