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Asus P8H67M-evo + El Capitan hackintosh

Time for vacations & updates ! Since several years now I switched on Mac OS at home. Used Leo, ML, Yosemite and now El Capitan.

The installation with my setup is not over complicated.

You have to download El Capitan installer on the Mac app store, then build a USB installer key (Legacy clover mode) with Unibeast found at http://www.tonymacx86.com/

Reboot, disable VT extensions in the bios. At Clover prompt go to Options, then edit boot options. I had to disable some cpus at first by adding "cpus = 1" in the options field. The install on my SSD was slow but functionnal.

At first reboot, edit Clover boot options to add "cpus = 1" (slow...), you should use "nv_disable = 1" if you have a NVidia card. Now logged on El Capitan you should download Unibeast always at http://www.tonymacx86.com/

Start Unibeast, select Quick start, Legacy mode, for system definition choose imac 14.1, add the Realtek Kext. Reboot.

You should now do not need to edit options in Clover boot parameters. You can safely enable VT in the bios.

Have a look to Trim Enabler for your SSD.

My sound output is a Sabre DAC so I don't have to deal with more Kexts to enable a low quality sound chipset.




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