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Dead simple nodejs vagrant box

On https://github.com/lennycartier/nodejs-vagrantbox you will find a dead simple nodejs vagrant box with the following features :

  • ubuntu trusty 64 base box
  • nodejs
  • other installed packages
  • test.js file to easily try nodejs
  • the guest listens on the host on

How to use :

  1. install latest vagrant (http://www.vagrantup.com)
  2. install latest virtualbox (http://www.virtualbox.org)
  3. clone this repo and cd into it
  4. do a vagrant up then vagrant provision
  5. ssh into the box with vagrant ssh

Note : nodejs version is the pretty outdated one provided with ubuntu 14.04; but it is fine to start playing with node. I will eventually update the github repo to use NodeSource repo (formerly Chris Lea Launchpad PPA)

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